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A short post this time. A few months ago I was looking for a little light distraction and I thought I’d learn Python. After doing all the usual stuff (Hello World, and a few problems from Project Euler) I decided to make a short game. As I’m sure you can tell from the title of this post it was a game of hangman. I made this decision because I found out about the string translate feature in Python and thought that it would be perfect to gradually reveal the word. Continue reading ‘Hangman’


My Coding Style

I think that coding style is important, although not at the expense of good code. This is going to be a rare post where it is mostly opinion. I feel that different languages need different approaches to coding style so I have included a few specifics here too. Continue reading ‘My Coding Style’


Auto-generate C++ Classes Using Perl, Part II

This is the second part of my article about auto generating a C++ class using Perl. Download the full script. Continue reading ‘Auto-generate C++ Classes Using Perl, Part II’


Auto-generate C++ Classes Using Perl, Part I

This is the first part of a post about a short utility I have written in Perl. I use it to generate C++ header and source files with method stubs depending on the arguments given. In this post I will be explaining some more general Perl techniques I use that aren’t specific to this file. Continue reading ‘Auto-generate C++ Classes Using Perl, Part I’


Hello World!

WordPress has helpfully given me the perfect title for my first post here (click if you don’t know why). This is going to be a blog about all things code and related topics such as operating systems and cool hardware. (Especially as I am the recent owner of a Raspberry Pi)

At the moment I don’t have much on here, but if anyone does actually read this there will be more coming soon!

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