Markdown Editor

This is a fully featured editor for markdown. It is cross platform available for both windows and linux systems, it is also possible to run on mac.


  • Preview pane, with synced scrolling.
  • Various types of markdown:
    • Github flavoured markdown defined here, including syntax highlighting. This is the default option.
    • Standard markdown, defined here.
    • Markdown extra, with syntax defined here.
  • Multiple documents via tabbed bar.
  • Mark files as saved/unsaved with a * symbol on the tab.
  • Export HTML.
  • Formatting options, such as; Bold, Italic, code, color highlighted area.
  • Add in links or images.
  • Many different styles for the output. You can view the markdown as it will be seen on BitBucket or GitHub. Also different CSS for code snippets if you use GitHub Flavoured Markdown.
  • Drag and drop menus for easy customisation.
  • Able to print the markdown, rendered html or raw html. This also includes print preview functionality.


All of these downloads (including past versions) can be found here.

Future Features

Any feature requests are very welcome and should be posted as an enhancement/proposal on the issue tracker page.


If any bugs are found, please don’t hesitate to report them on the issue tracker page.


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