So you’ve come across a coding blog and you want to know more about me? Firstly thank you for visiting, and secondly here are the answers to those vital questions that you’re asking in your head.

Who? David Corne.
Where? Birmingham, UK.
Why? I love programming and thought I’d share that with the world.
Languages? C++, C#, Python, Bash to name only a few favourites.
Tabs/Spaces? Spaces.
Emacs/Vim? Emacs.
Coffee/Tea? Tea.
Favourite Webcomics?     XKCD, Comic JK and Spiked Math.
Desktop OS? Linux Mint (and windows for gaming and at work).
Mobile OS? Android.
Work? Delcam, currently in the Orthotics team.

So now I should actually say something about myself. I recently graduated from the University of Birmingham gaining an MSci in Mathematics. I now work in software engineering for Delcam. I mainly work in C++ but I have been recently using C# (and COM) in order to use WPF for our UI.

I’m a big coding enthusiast (hence this blog) and am very keen to pick up new languages and technologies. I am particularly interested in Python, WPF and learning more GUI programming.

Other sites I am active on.

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