These are my favourite projects I’ve made. The are almost exclusively open source on Bitbucket or GitHub. My main language is C++ but I love experimenting with other languages, especially ones with different paradigms. So these are organised by the main language I’ve used in building them, but a lot of them use HTML + CSS + JavaScript as they are web based. These are sorted by how much experimentation I’ve done with them.


  • Calculator – A reverse polish notation command line calculator.


  • UnitC++ – A header only modern unit testing framework for C++.


  • Personal Wiki – A wiki like website written in clojure using mongodb. The pages are written in markdown and it uses CommonMark for converting markdown to html. This has also been deployed to heroku.


  • GeometryTable – an experiment in go of making a geometry database, displaying it as an image.


  • POP – a game based on a tutorial here.


  • Collaborative Whiteboard – This is a collaborative html whiteboard. There is a choice of pen colours and you can change your user name. This has also been deployed to heroku, and can be found here
  • Dashboard – This was a collaborative effort with some other developers at a meetup group Birmingham Coding Sessions.


  • Markdown Editor – This is a split screen editor I wrote for writing and previewing markdown documents. It has many features such as; various markdown types, custom CSS, embedding images, spell checking. It is built in python using PyQt4 as the GUI framework.
  • Roleplay Utils – Another PyQt4 application. This one is for making and recording dice rolls and displaying PDF files. It is meant to accompany playing role playing games such as D&D.
  • Design Pattern in Python – I’m not sure if it counts, but this is a book I’ve been writing as a work in progress about how to apply gang of four design patterns to python.

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